Thursday, 4 January 2018

a few pictures from my 16th in 2016!

 I turned 16 on the 30th of November in 2016,this was the day I got the bag I dream about from being 12 watching all the celebrities with it.
I got the speedy 40 this birthday

my 2018 goals

I'm back after a long time I have deleted most of my posts as they aren't what I would post now so why have them on.
I've not been around for nearly 2 years as I had my gcse then a full time job and I haven't had time to fit in blogging but I'm  back bigger then ever and ready to blog and share my tops favourites fashion and everything else as this is my own little space I need.
so as a new year has came I have set myself a few goals and there isn't many

so here's my list,what are yours?

number one a plain simple one is to change my style a little bit as I've had the same style for years
number two is to stop caring about everyone Else and focus on myself
number three is to do more things see more city's to all around travel abit
number four is to get everything off my wish list or most of the things.


Friday, 19 February 2016

OOTD//dress down day

top-new look
blazer-new look
jeans-new look
watch-Micheal kors


Mac lipstick collection 2016

I  only have  9 lipsticks but i can't wait to collect onto them so i have hundreds as the packaging looks amazing in acrylic storage. i will be doing a review on them all very soon.

The lipsticks i have

candy yum yum


lady danger

kushi kiss

mac red

pink pigeon

show orchid



currently loving this week.

black uggs
red primark fluffy  blanket
reading on my kindle
leopard print flat  shoes
carmex lip balms
old grey river island band
gelish sugar plum nail polish
polar bear eye mask
stay matte powder
lush snow fairy
wearing my glasses
fake tan
river island parker


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lipstick review//mac hue


This was my first ever mac lipstick and the woman in the mac counter  picked it for me as i really didn't know which lipstick i wanted as it was so hard to pick one as mac sell so many lovely lipsticks!
This is a glaze this makes it not as pigmented on the lips but its an nude/neutral shade of  an soft pale pink/nude colour.
Its a really nice wearable colour even though the colour  of it  in the bullet doesn't look too wearable and the thing i like the most is that doesn't sink into lines and creases in the lips as i suffer with chipped lips at this time of year  and this can last around 2 hours on my lips.

bottom of lipstick.

colour in the bullet.



Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lush review//Snow fairy

Lush snow fairy

I would give this a 10/10
This is my favourite ever item from lush. It's part of the Christmas smells like sweets and candy and has simmers of blue through it.It last all night or day the smell and it creates a lot of bubbles and it goes on the skin nicely.

This can be used as bubble bath or even for shampoo(I've never tried this but i know many  people who do this)The main thing its amide to be used for is an shower gel.Its described by lush as a candy floss mixed with pear drops smell which  i actually think it does mell like a bit but in my head i picture sweets.Also it is such a strong sweet smell and will leave the bathroom with a lovely smell.
Only sad thing is it only comes out with the collection for christmas and the big bottle is under 13 pound and last for ages due to the a t a little bit goes a long way!