Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 goals

It new year eve and I'm so motivated for this year I'm wanting to make it the best year ever.

so here's my goals
 There is some random ones but lets see how many I'm going to achieve.

  • my first goal is to pass my gcse all with a grade c.
  • i want to lose weight as I'm starting to pile the weight on again due to my eating habits 
  • i would like to eat healthier.
  • i want to learn to drive as i will be 17 in November so i can start lessons and i want to be able to drive as i hate public transport.
  • I'm going blog once a week and sometimes everyday it depends how busy i am at school.
  • start a you tube Chanel.
  • i want 2,500 post on instagram i currently have 957 on the 31st of December
  • also on Instagram i want to have 10,000 followers a year today i have 4700 thousand at this current point in time.
  • also i want to post on Instagram 3 times a day as i love looking back at the photos I've posted.
  • i make a wish list every year of clothes,shoes bags etc i want to buy or for birthdays or Christmas i hope to get everything off that list.
  • overall i just want a more positive look on  life and to be happier.



why have not been blogging.

SORRY,I haven't blogged in forever,i had so many ideas for Halloween,my  birthday and Christmas and then i had to do my mocks at school,so tats taken up a big chunk of my time until about 2 weeks before Christmas and then i had no time to blog as i was always shopping wrapping or even spending time with my family.
Then i have also had a issue as my phone cracked and i lost all my outfit posts i was ready to post and then my mac book has been working slow due to having no space on it.
but now I'm back more creative and better then ever.with better picture quality and my mac book works quicker also i have new wifi so its much faster now.


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lipstick review//mac hue


This was my first ever mac lipstick and the woman in the mac counter  picked it for me as i really didn't know which lipstick i wanted as it was so hard to pick one as mac sell so many lovely lipsticks!
This is a glaze this makes it not as pigmented on the lips but its an nude/neutral shade of  an soft pale pink/nude colour.
Its a really nice wearable colour even though the colour  of it  in the bullet doesn't look too wearable and the thing i like the most is that doesn't sink into lines and creases in the lips as i suffer with chipped lips at this time of year  and this can last around 2 hours on my lips.

bottom of lipstick.

colour in the bullet.



Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lush review//Snow fairy

Lush snow fairy

I would give this a 10/10
This is my favourite ever item from lush. It's part of the Christmas smells like sweets and candy and has simmers of blue through it.It last all night or day the smell and it creates a lot of bubbles and it goes on the skin nicely.

This can be used as bubble bath or even for shampoo(I've never tried this but i know many  people who do this)The main thing its amide to be used for is an shower gel.Its described by lush as a candy floss mixed with pear drops smell which  i actually think it does mell like a bit but in my head i picture sweets.Also it is such a strong sweet smell and will leave the bathroom with a lovely smell.
Only sad thing is it only comes out with the collection for christmas and the big bottle is under 13 pound and last for ages due to the a t a little bit goes a long way!



Saturday, 17 October 2015

september favorite!

September has been a long hard month as I've went back too school and I'm in year 11 and its just quite stressful as all I'm doing is coursework then i get home late and then basically tried but September has been a month were it turns from summer to autumn which I'm so glad about! sorry this is 17 days into October  its been a long few weeks at school but I'm back and more excited for fun content even planning a youtube video!
Favourite drinks:
Smart water
Diet coke

Random favourite  things:
Leaves falling of trees
Blue blanket

Beauty favourite things
No7 nail polish in a dark red
Hair extensions

Favourite app

Fave clothing items
New look disco jeans
High white converse
Blanket cape
Monschino purse

Favourite  things to watch
Strictly come dancing



Thursday, 1 October 2015

Becoming healthy//detox water or fruit infused water

I am the biggest fan of detox water or fruit infused water what ever you call it.
I have 5 recipes that I love

  • Lemon 
  • Strawberry 
  • Orange,strawberry
  • Lemon and lime
  • Cucumber,lemon,lime
They are so simple and easy and actually so so tasty to make but I never hardly stick to doing them but when I do have them my skin feels healthier I feel less bloated and they are much better then shop bought flavoured water.If you didn't know all you do is cut fruit up an place it in water.
This is the orange and strawberry.

This is the lemon and lime one.



Wednesday, 30 September 2015

OOTD//statement piece.

I have a very mess room sorry this was straight after school.
my camera has went funny on my phone also so the post are boring and not as interesting but I'm currently trying to complete so much coursework at school and blog too.

Jeans-riverisland from like 3 years ago
Watch-Michael kors
Waistcoat-topshop (no longer sell)


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I heart fall tag

 I leaved the questions below if anyone wants to do this tag or set of questions.
I thought I would as its perfect timing due to it being autumn and fall now which really makes me happy.

1. Favourite fall lip product?-Don't have one maybe a nice nude or red.
2. Favourite fall nail polish?-Any red or black nail polish from the nail salon.
3. Favourite fall Starbucks drink?-white hot chocolate.
4. Favourite fall candle?-Candy cane lane by Yankee candle.
5. Favourite fall scarf/accessory?-My primark scarf and river island fur headband.
6. Haunted house, hay ride or corn maze?-Haunted house.
7. Favourite Halloween movie?-Any scary one or hocus pocus .
8. Favourite candy to eat at Halloween?-Pumpkin face lollipops.
9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?-Nothing.
10. Favourite thing about fall?-Everything 

1. Favourite fall lip product?
2. Favourite fall nail polish?
3. Favourite fall Starbucks drink?
4. Favourite fall candle?
5. Favourite fall scarf/accessory?
6. Haunted house, hay ride or corn maze?
7. Favourite Halloween movie?
8. Favourite candy to eat at Halloween?
9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
10. Favourite thing about fall?


Monday, 28 September 2015

back to school//things I would tell my 13 year old self

I went through a stage at 13 I know this was only 2 years ago nearly 3 but I still cringe so much at myself back here are the 13 things I tell my teenage self.well by teenage staring the teen stage.
1.Don't die your hair every colour of the rainbow if looks stupid and it will make your hair snap and you have to get it cut short again.
2.Don't think its a good idea to expand your ear at all.
3.Don't block everyone out.
4.I had a blog loved blogging someone at school found it so i gave up and i was doing pretty okay with my blog then i had 3,999 views which was a lot for a 13 year old girl who knew nothing and wasted money on nail polish. so i wish i never stopped blogging!
5.Don't try and make everyone like you- its honestly not worth it .
6.Remember your family should come before friends at times .
7.Don't sit in your room all night and spend no time with family.
8.Just try your best to make yourself happy.
9.Don't try and argue with everyone and anyone.
10.Make more memory now as the be the ones you remember.
11.Don't become anti social.
12.Don't rely on fate to make your dreams happen or make you come closer to your dreams
13.Don't care what anyone thinks or says about you as life really is too short.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

OOTD//Dress down Sunday

Scrunchie-new look (no longer sell)
Body warmer-North face
Top-holister (no longer sell)


Saturday, 26 September 2015

My goals of this school year!

 This is something different for me but I just thought I would include about my school hopes and goals as I only have one year leaved.i will update this next September to see what I did and what I wish I did better.
1.To pass all my GCSE with an c to a*
This so would make me so proud of myself and also my school if you pass 5 GCSE's give you 200 pound who doesn't want that money!
2.Try and complete all coursework by the 18th of December so then I have 5 months to just revise for everything.
3.Do as much as possible! 
I just think that I should take every chance I get as they more then likely will not come around again.
4.Make the best and most of everyday school.
5.Try and stay back after school for 2 days a week.
This will be able to help me get everything finished by Christmas holidays.
6.Feel like a princess at prom
7.Make sure I revise and try my best in my exams
8.Get extremely motivated
9.Think about the future
10.Just be happy with what ever happens!




Friday, 25 September 2015

Top 20 things for this autumn/fall.

 Top 20 things for this Autumn/fall.

  • coat
  • uggs
  • scarfs
  • blankets
  • hot drinks
  • winter spray
  • candles
  • sweets
  • DVDs
  • chilling near fire
  • netflixs
  • kindle with books
  • games on iPad
  • online shopping
  • tumblr looking at wintery things
  • cookies                                      



Thursday, 24 September 2015

Back to school//8 tips for year 8

These are my 8 tips to help you enjoy and get the best possible outcomes from  this year i know not everyone is interested in these post but i just want to finish my back to school posts before the end of September.

1.Try and make friends with people in year 7 to advice them. i did this and still get along with most of them to this day.
2.Don't be scared to ask for help,you really should just ask for help as it works out better in the long run for you.
3.Teacher can help you as long as you let them know, teachers don't mind helping you but they cant read minds.
4.Try to be nice to everyone. 
5.Don't start and think there is no point of school, everyone has days were they don't think they need school but you should just make the most of school when your about to leave you remember these years.
6.Listen to the advice adults tell you. as you dot know everything like you think you do.
7.Try and get a hobbies as you can spend quite a lot of time doing it,this is the age at school when you have so much spare time.
8.Try and stay positive,this is the way you make the most of all the school year.


Back to school//Revision tips

                         My top ten revision tips are

  • Do homework when you get it.
  • Mind map stuff. 
  • Use different colours for different topics in mind map.
  • Get a folder to store stuff in. 
  • BBC bite size is your best friend. 
  • Get revision guide books.
  • Watch videos about the topic on youtube.
  • Take notes but just quick simple 3 or 4 word points.
  • Try and revise for like half an hour then have a ten minute brake.
  • Listen to music with no words in it so that the words don't get stuck in your head. 
But remember these are the tips what just work for me and  may not work for you and not be helpful at all.                                                        
Also don't stress out stay calm!


OOTD//First outfit of autumn/fall

On this day it was slightly cold but still was raining just a bit.



Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn time is here finally!

Today is officially the 23rd of September what means Autumn which is my favourite season!!
i don't know if you call it  fall or autumn or what ever you call it i love it anyways.

Here are my favourite 3 pictures from last autumn.
A cute tea light holder.

My favourite cup with a hot chocolate with
 whipped cream and marshmallows. 
Stepping in piles of
leaves with my uggs on
is the best thing ever.
                       These are the things I'm so excited for this autumn: 

  • Halloween
  • Leaves falling off trees
  • Fur head bands,scarves
  • Being cold
  • Sitting near the fire
  • Being cosy
  • Fireworks
  • Cosy pyjamas
  • Bed socks
  • Blankets
  • Uggs
  • knowing that Christmas will be happening soon!
  • Conkers
  • Jumpers
  • Dark nights
  • Dark red nails
  • Candles

I've been so ready for autumn since the sun started to shine and we got lighter&longer nights.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

OOTD//shopping time

This was a shopping day in summer and i loved this outfit and had to share this as i pretty much love it and sorry my room is a mess.
Scrunchies-new look (no longer sell)
Necklace-Warren James
Watch-Micheal kors
Bag- love monschino
kimono-lipsy (no longer sell)
Top-new look
 Jeans-New look
 Shoes-Juju jelly sandals


Back to school//Hair styles

                                           Theses are my 8  go to  hair styles.
             They are quick and simply and can be done in minute to around 30 minutes.
   Sometimes i wear extensions but sometimes i have natural hair and i try to not use heat all the time as i have very damaged hair as i die my hair a lot and use heat all the time.

This one all i do is roll my hair into a
glitzy headband.
This is just a french plait.

This is a
 donut bun/sock bun.
This is just wavy hair of
sleeping wet in a bun.

This one is hair up
with curled hair.

This is just 2 french plaits.
This is just straighten
hair with hair of it twisted and pinned
This is just when i brush the top
of my head as i have
natural curly hair.



Monday, 21 September 2015

10 things i want to do in autumn/fall!

10 Things i want to do before the end of autumn/fall.

  • wear my dark red jeans 
  • Go for a walk through the woods 
  • Read a book each month 
  • Master making hot chocolates
  • Watch a whole season of something on netflixs 
  • Go for a Christmas style meal 
  • Have a good sort out  
  • Have more family time
  • Watch 100 Christmas films 
  • Bake cakes and cookies
  • I know i said 10 but heres an extra one i like to blog every single day or every other day.




Sunday, 20 September 2015

Back to school//Top things to take to school

These are my must have  things I take to school with me every single day.I either have them in my blazer or my bag.They are stuff i couldn't live a day without them.
phone usb,portable charger.
Hairbrush/tangle teezer 
Hand cream

Lip balm 






Saturday, 19 September 2015

Love moschino bag

Love moschino bag and purse

This is my newest designer piece, I love it and how it looks and it makes me feel more grown up as i normally get pink bags and i decide i wanted a colour that goes with everything.I haven't used this bag yet and I've had this bag around a month I'm going start and use it when I'm back to school which i have been and it is a good bag for keeping the basics but its not the most practical school bag.Ive used my purse and its great i love it the only thing is i have to many cards so i can't actually keep them all in.I will do a review in around a months time so then I've had enough time to write a full review.
If you want to purchase this bag,purse here's the link
I can't find my purse  but here's the bigger one