Saturday, 29 August 2015

OOTD//Going to the pictures

I've tried to crop all the mess out of the photo but it just looks wired now,this should give me more reasons to keep my room tidy but it was only messy as i had been trying on so many clothes.This outfit was what i wore to the pictures.Its so comfortable and basic which i like and 0% effort went in to this outfit but i love the way it looks.
Jeans-new look
Shoe-tall converse


Friday, 28 August 2015


I was going shopping and wanted to be comfortable but look a bit more dressy,we were going to the shopping centre with my mam. This outfit is one of my favourite types of outfits to wear as you are so comfortable and then the blazer really makes the outfit put well put together and quite smart/causal.Yet again I'm using a picture of my phone and i over use the flash when taking outfit pictures as this picture was taken at around 6pm.
Blazer-next they no longer sell this i got this in like 2012.


Thursday, 27 August 2015

OTTD//Dress down day

This was a dress down day and it was quite cold and i really could not be bothered to get ready so i just quickly put this outfit on and made no effort what so ever but anyways i will link everything i can below.

 Body warmer-North face
jumper-blonde and blonde- I bought this from bank fashion which is now closed down so i don't know where stocks this brand.
vest top-River island
Jeans-New look
Trainers-Nike air max



Wednesday, 26 August 2015

OOTD//theme park outfit

This is what I wore on my school trip to a theme park.We went to light water valley and i changed my mind what i wanted to wear around 15 times. I went for a casual outfit then dressed it up a tiny bit and it was a really hot day,so i got burnt as i do when ever sun hits my skin.I got a tan lines due to the fact of wearing a necklace and also i had to take the necklace off on rides as it kept hitting me.I also regret taking a bag with me as i got sick of carrying it around so i would say take a mini bag or side bag,One more issue is this picture was taken on my phone and it at 7am so its not the best quality ,I will try and link everything that i can.This outfit was really comfortable and also kept me cool and also it was perfect for going on rides,i was worried about wearing white jeans but the were fine they didn't get any dirt on them of siting on rides or anything.
Necklace-Ted baker/they don't sell this exact one anymore
 kimono-lipsy which they no longer sell in lipsy but i found a link to it online.
I then had my sunglasses which you can't see but are  Ray ban.
my hair i had in a hair donuts with a hair scrunchies in but my hair wasn't very good for rides as it fell out.



Tuesday, 25 August 2015

OTTD//Rain day outfit.

 Rain day outfit.

This is what i worn when it was a rainy day sorry about the  bad quality this was taken on my phone.This was a basic dress down outfit.I would say this is a perfect day time outfit to wear when its not to cold but its raining then this would be a great for times like that .I will try and link everything but i don't think half of the things you can buy now but i try my best to look for the closet matches possible.

  • Fur headband-(River island) I love this so much it covers a bad hair day and i love to wear it with  my hair in a messy bun also it keeps your ears so warm i also have quite a big head and this one fits my head perfect also i hate wearing hats as they mess my hair up but i always have cold ears but i don't like ear muffs as they hurt my ears so a fur headband is perfect in my case.Here is a girls one from river island but also eBay stock bigger sizes if you don't have a small head which i don't so got mine out of the laddies bit in river island last winter but they don't have them online currently. Fur headband.
  • Top-(Holister) I love this top its so simple and also its not so in your face with a massive logo it has a simple small pink bird in the corner of this long sleeved top and it is also pretty warm.This i know they don't sell anymore as this top was from like 2013 so this is no longer available but its just like the textured/rib tops from places like new look,topshop,river island but i think they only do them as crop tops. Newlook grey top
  • Scarf-(Primark) This scarf is actually the best thing ever i love this scarf so much i had a few scarfs like this from places like topshop and river island and this one from primark is literally the warmest and thickest scarf i found also it has washed the best and was only 5 pound! That's not even a quarter of the price i paid for some scarfs.You can't buy online from primark but I'm pretty sure from September if you go into your local primark they could possibly stock scarfs and other winter essential.
  • Body warmer-(North face) This is my go to item i wear this no matter what its even good in summer with a vest or t-shirt.I wore this as it wasn't to heavy the rain when i leaved my house so it was okay then.This body warmer makes every outfit look well put together in my eyes also its great to layer. Gilet/Body warmer
  • Bag-(River island) This bag is so perfect to just place a few items in it but it can fit a lot more then you would expect in it.It is also the smallest satchel bag from river island and also the smallest bag i own.They do but they do a bigger one which looks amazing.They no longer sell the bag so i have put a link to all the satchels they stock. Range of satchel's
  • Jeans-(New look) These dark acid wash jeans i love them so much as they are so comfortable and they are really good for sizes also if you have long legs like me then they actually don't look like they are cropped were some jeans do if you don't buy them from the tall section.I get most of my jeans from new look as they are great value for money and are long wearing and wash nice.So i would recommend  you try some from new look. jeans 
  • Wellies-(Hunter) I'm Wellie obsessed i just love them.I love hunters i only own one pair of long boots and these are them in classic black and they are so comfortable and don't pull on the backs of your legs like some wellies do but i also own 2 short pairs which are colourful and get less use due to the colour of them.I'm a size 6 in mine and they are pretty heavy to carry when you buy them from a shop so i would recommend buying them online also i know m and m direct stock hunters for a lot cheaper, the link for the same ones as the ones I'm wearing Black tall hunters and then m and m direct Range of hunters. Then also i pair my wellies with my hunter wellies socks these are a must have when i wear my hunters as they keep my feet so warm and they are lined with a fleece so they keep you foot cosy.They also can make your wellies look unique as well. wellie socks
  • Ring-(Pandora princess ring) Ive already blogged about this but this is my first and favourite pandora ring. Princess Ring 
  • Watch- (lipsy) This watch was the one i got before my Micheal kors watch and i loved it a lot and i like to wear it sometimes but  it has a big face that's the only thing I don't like as much about this watch. I can't find the exact same one but this link is for a similar one only think is  mine has gems in the face that move side to side. Lipsy watch
  • Bracelet-(Pandora) I've also already wrote about this in my last blog post. Pandora bracelet


Monday, 24 August 2015

My go to jewellery.

My go to jewellery.

Today i thought i would take some time to talk about my go to jewellery as i thought it would be a good topic to talk about as i love jewellery so much and i love to see what other people love to wear as well,also if you can still buy these piece i will link them later on in the post so you could buy them or gift them to someone if you like them.
If you know me then you know i can't even go a day without having jewellery on as if i don't have it on i feel very lost/empty.The thing i love with jewellery as it can express you so much as a person from just a small simple piece to a huge statement piece.
These are my 7 go to pieces of jewellery.
So i will start off with my favourite Necklace which is a Ted baker statement necklace i got this at Christmas time in 2014 from my uncle who knows i love a bit of Ted baker,I love the colours of this necklace as its has a rose gold tone chain and then has grey circles which then is followed by pink gems which i think really stand out and bring the necklace together due to the fact all the colours compliment each other.Its also a necklace that i get a lot of compliments about which is a bonus as isn't it a lovely feeling for someone to say they like something you are wearing!This necklace i don't think they stock at Ted baker anymore as it was last seasons style but i know they have a sliver and black one currently in the design,which both look so lovely.Its also such good quality.I literally wear this necklace with anything from a vest with kimono to even a flannel shirt or even a plain  t-shirt the colour i think it works the best with and really stands out is black and white.can i also just add it comes with a  lovely dust bag to keep this necklace in when you aren't wearing it.
If you want one like it i found a rose gold chain with sliver and black details. Ted baker necklace

Next i start with my watch this is my favourite item out of all the items i mentioned!I had my eye on a watch from Michael kors for a long time before i got one as i wasn't much of a watch person before this watch i used to always say I've got my phone for them time but now i have a watch i love i never use my phone to check the time.This was one of my Christmas present of 2014 and its an Michael kors rose gold watch which i just love so much and i wear this everyday and its the only piece i can wear every day as my school has a no jewellery but watch rule,which i actually hate that rule so much.I love how the face of the watch  is full of  crystal detailing which gives it an extra something and it has also got a two tone combination going on at the strap with it having rose gold rim with the middle being a pearly style also the face is a lovely pearl colour which makes the details on the face stand out and all most pop.This makes such statement and also is something else i get any of compliments off.The only thing with Michael Kors watches most people have them so its hard to look for one no one hardly has i know in my area only a few people have this one and mainly its older elegant styled women that have this watch not many teens have this exact design of watch that's what i love about it as it a watch i can grow with.I also love the fact it has the date on it as i never know what the date is until i look at my watch and overall it is so comfortable to wear and is very worth the money and it is also water proof which is a bonus,This watch is hard wearing as well.The packaging for this item is so lovely you get a signature brown leather style box with Michael kors imprinted into it and the box is quite heavy so you know your watch is protected when in the box.
If you want this exact watch also from the same place mine from i know they will also take the links out for free in store but you have to show ID when signing for this watch. Michael kors watch

My go to studs/earrings for my first holes are my Michael kors ones as i have expanded my first holes when i was younger and now they never went back to the normal size so i can only wear larger studs and these ones are a statement of mine.I love the shape of them being circle with a circle of crystal in them which are so lovely when the light hits them they stand out so much more and then they have a rose gold rim which add a something special and different to them.They come on a plastic like card and then come in n a dust bag and then in a lighter box then the box the watch came in and that is still brown and has Michael kors on the top of it.I got mine from goldsmiths around Christmas time but they don't stock them anymore but I've found somewhere else that stocks them.
Michael kors studs

Now I'm on to my Pandora stuff my favourite jewellery brand in the whole wide world,I love the way Pandora feels so personal.So first of all i start with my Pandora charm bracelet which i got when i turned ten and it had taken me 4 years to fill with charms but i made sure each charm had a memory and meant something to me but i will do a blog post on all of my Pandora charms sometime soon But anyways but to the bracelet i have the sterling sliver bracelet and i got it when Pandora first open in my town centre in 2009 and it was such a small shop and then it has got bigger and bigger now and just keeps growing.I love the idea of a charm bracelet as every single person's bracelet tell a different story and its such unique sort of thing to have.They come in a really nice box which i no long have for mine as i lost it when i moved house or i threw it out when i tried to down size everything. and when i was younger i didn't nearly see the point in boxes.stupid me!
I wouldn't recommend getting a bracelet off the website unless you already have one as you want the correct bracelet size were you can mange to fit charms on i think mines an 17cm or 18cm bracelet as i have a really small wrist but i did first get the 16cm and on my 10th birthday I had to return it due to the fact it fitted and  my charm would fit on it but the it was really tight on my wrist and hurt me.Also the bigger the chain the more charms you will be able to fit on the bracelet and the smaller the less you will be able to fit on.
Pandra bracelet

Possibly one my favourite things in my full collection are my Pandora rings.
First one i ever got was my princess ring i got this ring the second week it came out as the first week it was sold out in all the stores near me and i wanted to try one on for the correct size.The thing i love about this is how cute and dinky it is as its so small and cute and the rhinestone really stands out and it has the cutest name ever being called a princess ring. It's shaped as a sort of princess crown or tiara,if you ask me its like wearing a crown on your finger.Since i got mine i think they changed the design a bit.I also love how you can stack Pandora rings that what i like to do with mine as I'm not a person who can make my mind up and pick just one ring to wear.I would recommend going to the shop to buy one as i know all my rings are different sizes as my fingers vary in sizes.The ring comes in a lovely white box with Pandora on the lid and then the inside is a purple colour then has the standard  black cushion to rest the ring in.
Princess ring

Then i have the rose Pandora ring which is a pale pink rose flower with a sliver ring i like this ring the rose really stands out and its the one i stack at the bottom of my ring stack  but I've also sometimes place it on my thumb which i like the look cute on there as well.
Pandora rose ring

Then my final piece to complete my 7 fave pieces and then the ring i love to place it in the middle of my stack and it is a pink and sliver twist ring its a pretty simple ring but it brings my collection together as my theme of my rings is sliver an pink if you can't already tell!I got my ring  in the Christmas sales from 17 pound i think which was a complete bargain.
Pandora pink twist ring



Getting to know me//100 facts about me.

 -Getting to know me//100 facts about me- 

So here some facts about me so you can get to know me a bit better.
There a lot of fact but believe it or not i found it so hard to think of facts about myself!                Which sounds so stupid but honestly try writing facts about yourself.
So here we go with the facts hope you enjoy learning a bit about me.
These facts are the most random facts and boring facts and some interesting facts just a little mixture.

1.This is my 6th blog this is due to the fact i get bored of the names of them and i ran out of ideas of what to blog about.
2.I am 15 years old.
3. I live in England.
4.My name is Clare i am named after my mother!
5.I was born one day before my Nana birthday.
6.In September i will be in year 11 at school. whoop whoop last year.
7.I started blogging at 11 and it failed and i gave up but its something I can never actually stop doing as I'm addicted to it.
8.Ive tried to do Youtube 4 times and failed at it.
9.hopefully before the end of 2015 i will have started Youtube again.
10. my GCSE options that i am studying are art,history and Spanish.
11.I'm a fashion junkie.
12.I also have a wried love for all technology  and electrical products.
13.Ive died my hair every colour of the rainbow in the last 4 years.
14.I'm 5'8 but I'm nearly 5'9 I've always been tall since i was little,I used to be so happy about this as i was always one of the tallest in my class.
15.I have a disk drive of photos backed up of every single phone I've ever had,as i never want to lose a memory.
16. when I'm older i either want to be a hair dresser or make up artist or even a lawyer or who knows as I'm really not sure what i want i want to do when I'm older.
17.I love a good rant,I'm not going to lie i could rant for England.
18.I have 2 birth marks.
19.I'm a Disney junkie.
20.I'm cold basically 99% of the time.
21.I love polar bears and i also have one adopted.
22.I love glitter its an addiction if you can guess by my user name.
23.I'm so forgetful i have to be reminded to do something serval time.
24.I love barbie!
25.Ive loved Miley Cyrus since being  child.
26.I love handbag so much.
27.I buy stuff i really don't really need or has a purpose.
28.My biggest pet peeve is people cracking there fingers it makes me cringe so much.
29.I spend hours on the Internet,I can't go a day without go on the Internet.
30.I hate PE it the worst thing ever!
31.when doing my work experience i had to email 500 places and i didn't get a place of any of them so then i emailed a flower shop which was actually really interesting  and  i was glad they let me do it there but i also got a email of a hairdresser/beauty and i went for an interview and then they said that they would ring me even if it was a no or yes and they never,but i learnt from doing this you can't give up you have to keep trying!
32.I'm kind of obsessed with unicorns.
33.I meet Joey Essex in 2014 and i had a massive fan girl moment and cried so much (cringe i know)
34.I'm an only child! it has its perks at times and sometimes it doesn't.
35.I love Christmas so much more then any other advert through the year,I get so excited from like August.
36.I can never tan i always burn.
37.If i like a song i will replay it until it annoys me then i have to find a new song to like.
38.No one hardly spells my name right.I've seen a good 6 spellings of my name.
39.I have 6 twitter accounts! one was a personal account a Youtube fan account and a old blog account and then a personal account which i never actually used and then this blog twitter and then a joey Essex fan account twitter I'm not going lie i don't know the password for half of them.
40.I'm so clumsy i can literally fall over anything or nearly fall over anything.
41.I need glasses but hardly wear them.
42.I have 36,000 photos on my phone.
43.I  change my phone screen like one a month.
44.I have my 1st and 2nd holes pierced in my ears but I've had my 3rd holes pierced 3 times but then closed up every time also I've had my middle of my ear pierced but then my hair got caught in it and it ripped out and it really hurt.
45.Pretty little lairs is the best thing on Netflix.
46.I have 2 gold medals from being little for swimming and also have a life guard badge but I've not been swimming for 4 years now.
47.When i was little i got stung on the bottom of my food off a wasp or bee whatever one and it happened when i was on the trampoline.
48.I've broke my little finger about 20 times in the last 4 years and its now miss shaped.Ive also had a hair line crack in my elbow which i did at a park when i went with primary school and all the teachers said it was okay so they leaved me all afternoon then it wasn't until my mam came to pick me up from my after school club and she saw i could move my arm and i was shouting it feels so heavy it really did it was like a brick so we went to the walking centre,Then When i was 5 i ended up slipping when playing at dinnertime and my chin spilt.
49.Pink is my favourite colour and always has been and then i like purple as well and in 2013 i used to be crazy about the colour mint green.
50.Me an my friends had a stage were we would say mean girl quotes everyday for 6 months when we were in year 9.

51.I have green eyes but in some lights they look brown.
52.I don't really like summer as this is due to the fact when your to hot you can't control it were if your cold you can add layers and get warm and if I'm honest i just like to be in control of a situation.
53.My birthday is November the 30th, so that makes my star sign Sagittarius.
54.My talent is rolling me eyes my English teacher calls me the queen of rolling eyes.
55.I find myself quite funny at times so i sometimes laugh at myself. I'm wried like that .
56.I spend from like 45mins to 1 hour in the bath everyday as being in the bath is like my happy place,Well my first happy place is my bed.
57.I could live on lucky charms.
58.Smart water is the best thing ever.
59.My goal in life is to be as happy and successful in no matter what i do.
60.I love rides due to the fact i crave adrenaline and love adrenaline rushes.
61.I used to play the guitar and gave up then started playing the keyboard and gave up doing that.
62.I talk quite loud and don't realise how loud i am actually talking and also i can't whisper to save my life honestly.
63.I can't cook to  save my life .
64.I write notes before i do anything.
65.I'm always cold.
66.I hate when people breath near the back of my neck.
67.I hate hate hate feet so much but i don't mind my own feet.
68.I used to be scared of highest but now I've sort of over came this fear.
69.I'm a planner i plan everything i do. i don't like living life on the edge.
70.I'm OCD about odd numbers.
71.I like to be in control of my own fear.
72.If i watch a film at home i always end up falling asleep.
73.I used to be a bookworm but now i hardly have time to read.
74.My favourite Disney film from my childhood is Cinderella.
75.I really can't paint my own nails.
76.I prefer cereal in at night not morning.
77.I over fill my bag with junk i down even need.
78.I'm so pale.
79.I hate most insects
80.I can get stressed and angry over basically anything.
81.I have strong views on most topics and then i always have to get my point across.
82.I go from a shoe size 5 and a half to a 6.
83.I love shoes i spend most of my money on shoes.
84.I'm crazy about Pandora jewellery.
85.I am also a jewellery junkie.
86.My natural hair colour is medium brown.
87.I really love spouse accents and really posh English accents and American accents.
88.My dream is to visit New York at Christmas and Disney land and also go to travel through out America before i die. but i would love to see the full world if i had the chance to.
89.I take photos of anything if i find it cute.
90.I have a massive fear of birds.
91.I over think most situations.
92.I can get talked out of stuff way to easy.
93.I love to listen and have a girly gossip daily.
94.I'm so excited for my prom I've literally been hyped since year 6 for it.
95.I'm a city girl 100 percent .
96.I never wear skirts or dresses.
97.I live in jeans .
98.My lucky number is 30.
99.I'm quite good at predicting things that will happen and also i get wried feelings before something happens if that makes any sense like at school i can tell if someone going have an argument before i even get to school.
100.I don't have a middle name.

                                        I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better.