Thursday, 24 September 2015

Back to school//8 tips for year 8

These are my 8 tips to help you enjoy and get the best possible outcomes from  this year i know not everyone is interested in these post but i just want to finish my back to school posts before the end of September.

1.Try and make friends with people in year 7 to advice them. i did this and still get along with most of them to this day.
2.Don't be scared to ask for help,you really should just ask for help as it works out better in the long run for you.
3.Teacher can help you as long as you let them know, teachers don't mind helping you but they cant read minds.
4.Try to be nice to everyone. 
5.Don't start and think there is no point of school, everyone has days were they don't think they need school but you should just make the most of school when your about to leave you remember these years.
6.Listen to the advice adults tell you. as you dot know everything like you think you do.
7.Try and get a hobbies as you can spend quite a lot of time doing it,this is the age at school when you have so much spare time.
8.Try and stay positive,this is the way you make the most of all the school year.


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