Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Back to school//Hair styles

                                           Theses are my 8  go to  hair styles.
             They are quick and simple and can be done in minute to around 30 minutes.
   Sometimes i wear extensions but sometimes i have natural hair and i try to not use heat all the time as i have very damaged hair as i dye my hair a lot and use heat all the time.

This one all i do is roll my hair into a
glitzy headband.
This is just a french plait.

This is a
 donut bun/sock bun.
This is just wavy hair of
sleeping with wet hair in a bun.

This one is hair up
with curled hair.

This is just 2 french plaits.
This is just straighten
hair with hair of it twisted and pinned
This is just when i brush the top
of my head as i have
naturally curly hair.



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