Thursday, 24 September 2015

Back to school//Revision tips

                         My top ten revision tips are

  • Do homework when you get it.
  • Mind map stuff. 
  • Use different colours for different topics in mind map.
  • Get a folder to store stuff in. 
  • BBC bite size is your best friend. 
  • Get revision guide books.
  • Watch videos about the topic on youtube.
  • Take notes but just quick simple 3 or 4 word points.
  • Try and revise for like half an hour then have a ten minute brake.
  • Listen to music with no words in it so that the words don't get stuck in your head. 
But remember these are the tips what just work for me and  may not work for you and not be helpful at all.                                                        
Also don't stress out stay calm!


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