Saturday, 17 October 2015

september favorite!

September has been a long hard month as I've went back too school and I'm in year 11 and its just quite stressful as all I'm doing is coursework then i get home late and then basically tried but September has been a month were it turns from summer to autumn which I'm so glad about! sorry this is 17 days into October  its been a long few weeks at school but I'm back and more excited for fun content even planning a youtube video!
Favourite drinks:
Smart water
Diet coke

Random favourite  things:
Leaves falling of trees
Blue blanket

Beauty favourite things
No7 nail polish in a dark red
Hair extensions

Favourite app

Fave clothing items
New look disco jeans
High white converse
Blanket cape
Monschino purse

Favourite  things to watch
Strictly come dancing



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