Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 goals

It new year eve and I'm so motivated for this year I'm wanting to make it the best year ever.

so here's my goals
 There is some random ones but lets see how many I'm going to achieve.

  • my first goal is to pass my gcse all with a grade c.
  • i want to lose weight as I'm starting to pile the weight on again due to my eating habits 
  • i would like to eat healthier.
  • i want to learn to drive as i will be 17 in November so i can start lessons and i want to be able to drive as i hate public transport.
  • I'm going blog once a week and sometimes everyday it depends how busy i am at school.
  • start a you tube Chanel.
  • i want 2,500 post on instagram i currently have 957 on the 31st of December
  • also on Instagram i want to have 10,000 followers a year today i have 4700 thousand at this current point in time.
  • also i want to post on Instagram 3 times a day as i love looking back at the photos I've posted.
  • i make a wish list every year of clothes,shoes bags etc i want to buy or for birthdays or Christmas i hope to get everything off that list.
  • overall i just want a more positive look on  life and to be happier.



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